ufone super card

Ufone Super Card

The Ufone Super Card offers free 4G internet data, Ufone to Ufone minutes, SMS and more. Ther are a total of 3 types of Ufone super cards.

Ufone is credited to be the first company to start super card trends. It’s like a bundle that lets you enjoy internet, calls, and SMS with a single load for a month. This was a quite simple alternative to what was offered before in the shape of categorized packages. Customers’ feedback was brilliant. Nowadays every company has a super card like bundles for its users.

The most popular Ufone Super card is the Ufone 550. It previously cost 520 PKR.

Here are its details:

 Off-Net Minutes150
 Internet (2G & 3G)1200 MBs
 U-U & PTCL Minutes1000
 To subscribe dial*240#

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