ptcl internet speed test

PTCL Internet Speed Test

Check your PTCL internet speed through the PTCL speed test. The result of your net speed test varies according to your DSL connection.

PTCL stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. It is a telecommunication company that provide internet, phone, TV and streaming service.

The internet service is of two types. One is the copper wired DSL packages that start from 4MBs. The other is the fiber gpon connectivity that provides high-speed internet up to 100 Mbs.

How can I check my PTCL Internet Speed?

There are two main methods to check PTCL internet speed:

Browser-based Speed Test

There is a browser-based speed test that is embedded on different websites. The main source of these tests is Ookla. The speed test by Ookla is the most popular and visited medium to check internet speed.

We recommend the PTCL speed test by the PTCL bill for the browser-based test.

Application-based test

For android and iOS users, there are different apps that can be used to check PTCL internet speed. Again, the Ookla app is the most downloaded one but there are other apps too. This is the best solution for mobile users.

PC users can also download Ookla Windows software to check PTCL internet speed.

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