ptcl online bill service

PTCL Online Bill Service

The PTCL Bill is an online service initiated by Pakistan telecommunication Company Limited. The online service is used by thousands of users per month to get the print out of their PTCL bill.

The users have to use their landline numbers and account ID to log on to their billing account. It’s an easy process. However, if you can’t find your account ID then either check your old bill or call PTCL helpline. On your Old bill, you can find your account ID on the left side.

Once you are logged in, there is an option of checking the history of billing or taking the print out of the PTCL bill.

How to print a PTCL bill?

This method is for Users using Chrome as their main browser. Download Chrome if you don’t have one.

Use shortcut, Cntrl + P to instantly go into the printing option on Chrome. Select the layout, a number of copies and color for your print.

Why you need a PTCL Duplicate bill?

PTCL Duplicate bill is needed for various purposes.

Mainly there are three reasons to print the PTCL duplicate bill.

The requirement for Government services

This is used by different state departments like NADRA. For example, to change your ID address it is required to submit a PTCL bill to allow a change in address.

Enable already disconnected PTCL connection

If your connection is disabled due to negligence in paying the bill, then pay the bill and take the attached printed PTCL duplicate bill copy to activate your connection again.

For Personal Record

Like in case of saving PTCL bills to analyze yearly expense or to keep billing records for rental housing.

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